When I went to Jaramana in #Damascus in August 2017, I met with many of the internally displaced Syrian people who had been forced from their homes and villages by the international terrorist groups, backed, armed and financed by the US “regime change” coalition.
Hasan Al Ashkar was running a tiny perfume stall on a street corner. We stopped to chat with him. As with all these people, there is such a deep well of hospitality and kindness within them despite the punishing & crippling conditions they have had to live through for the last almost 7 years.
Hasan was from an area called Al Mleha. They had to leave their homes and land when the terrorists invaded.
“We dont want anything from the West. We just want to be left alone. We can take care of ourselves. We can resist alone. There is no need for the West to support us. We want to be left alone to solve our problems among ourselves”.
Listen to Hasan as he told me what life was like before the terrorist occupation and how life is now.
At the end of our short talk, he insisted on giving myself and the interpreter a bottle of perfume, it didnt matter how many times I protested, he would not accept any money.
The generosity of all these people never ceases to humble me and sadden me that my country has tried to take what is pure and good and turn it into their dirty, polluted, corrupted image.
God bless #Syria for showing us how to resist on every level and how to remain human when there is such a concerted campaign to drain our humanity from us.

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