Israeli raid against Damascus

Today, the Telaviv fighters have attempted to hit the surroundings of Damascus again.
They only tried, because this time every single bomb launched, missiles or planing bombs that were, ALL were intercepted by Syrian defenses.
For the first time, new generation defenses were deployed by Russia after the destruction of their IL-20 plane off Latakia due to the Israeli incursion.

They clearly did not use the S300 whose only battery is located at Masyaf southeast of Latakia and also protected by the Russian defenses, but they were instead used the systems BUK2 modified and updated a few years ago by Russia itself that make better use of the radar delivered and placed in the south of Syria with considerable advantage in the accuracy and vision of the battlefield compared to the previous systems that dated back to the 60s and 70s.

The batteries of BUK2 as you see in the video are also very well defended by other batteries of point-defense missiles to protect them from close attacks, in the video we see the batteries of BUK2 launching the missiles to intercept the Israeli attacks and neutralize them. The success of this defense was also certified by Russian sources who also confirmed the numbers 8 missiles shot down on 8 launched.

The Israelis then consoled themselves by announcing the demolition of a Syrian anti-aircraft missile that flew over the occupied Golan, happy with them.
Of course during the attack a passenger plane was flying along the downward corridors to Damascus airport, 150 passengers were put at risk of their lives due to yet another terrorist attack by Telaviv.

In the hours of the night between Sunday and Monday, the Syrian defenses are activated again, we are seeing the videos now, but we do not know the details of the threat.

Stefano Orsi